Testimonials 2

"Math has never been my forte. It was quite worrying when I obtained an E grade in the J2 June common tests, so I decided to take up H2 Math tuition to get some extra help and practice. I believe it was indeed a blessing that I managed to hire Mr Koh as my tuition teacher.

Mr Koh was extremely patient and dedicated in helping me with my Math problems. I must say his passion for Math probably rubbed off on me as I began to take a greater interest in math. This helped a long way as it gave me the motivation to work harder. Mr Koh was also very approachable, and he would never fail to answer any of my queries, sometimes even via text.

I’m really thankful to have been Mr Koh’s student. With his help and effective teaching, I managed to get an A grade at the preliminary exams, and subsequently at the A Levels as well. While I’ve never really had any inclination towards Math, I’m glad that I managed to pull through in the end, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without Mr Koh. So, thank you Mr Koh for your guidance, motivation, and belief in me. :) "

Grace Tung, Dunman High School (DHS)

"Mr Koh is a tutor who is dedicated and passionate about Maths. Many schools and other tutors often offer either rigid methodologies without providing much explanation or just sheer unpalatable solutions to questions we couldn't solve. Yet, truth is, the same question or type of question may not appear in A levels again and what is needed is an understanding not the right set of answers.

Mr Koh has given me deep insights into Maths as a subject using simple but very clear illustrations and helped me see the train of thought behind things and even to learn to think and calculate things quickly. This has allowed me to solve questions efficiently, without unnecessary time spent on the calculator nor aimlessly flipping through the MF15. Each session with him is efficient and fruitful.

From disliking Maths and getting all Us for my Maths papers, his passion rubbed off me and I started to love Maths! For my A Level exams, I scored an A grade for H2 Maths as well!

I would really highly recommend Mr Koh as a tutor especially if you are like me, frustrated at how lectures and tutorials are not equipping you to solve questions. He does not just produce students who can score well in exams but thinkers who are well equipped. Thank you so much Mr Koh for your constant guidance, patience and passion for Maths. You have really helped me so much the past year! ((:"

Loh Chyi Fang, Anderson Junior College (AJC)

"Mr Koh’s teaching style is very unique. He doesn’t simply believe in memorising formulae but rather delves deep into concepts. He is also very flexible in his teaching and doesn’t expect you to only follow a particular method but rather teaches different ways of solving problems. His unique style of teaching made solving unconventional problems a breeze! Time management was always a problem for me , but Mr Koh was able to tell me all the little tips and tricks to solve problems faster and by the time I got to the A levels, I had no issues finishing the paper well before time.

Other than the teaching, Mr Koh is really easy to talk to and you can never get bored in his lessons. Thanks to him, I gained so much confidence in math! He’s the perfect person to help you get an ‘A’ in H2 Math. :)"

Sadhika Billa, Serangoon Junior College (SRJC)

"Mr Koh was my son's H2 Maths tutor. We only started engaging Mr Koh just 3 months before the actual A level papers. We are very glad that we found him and it wasn't all too late to help my son obtain an A grade eventually for his Mathematics. We are very appreciative of the dedication, passion and emotional support he has rendered to our son. He has gone the extra mile to stay with him the night before the examination just to provide some semblance of confidence and be present in case my son has last minute queries. He is a very competent and passionate Mathematics tutor, not only is he the expert of his field, he is able to grasp the individual student's needs well and provide the necessary emotional balance, which is extremely crucial nearer the examination period.

Highly recommended to students who need help in H2 Mathematics."

Grace Chew, Mother Of Mitchell Lim, Serangoon Junior College (SRJC)

Mrs Naidu, Mother Of Jivesh, Yishun Junior College (YJC)

"When I started learning H2 Math in JC, there were so many new concepts I had to grasp and it was really hard to understand how to apply the new theorems that I had learned. Throughout my first year in JC, I would obtain a U grade for Math or at best a D. At the beginning of my second JC year, I continued struggling with my H2 Math and almost gave up on the subject.

However my parents finally called up Mr Koh with a few months left to go before the A Level examinations. Although I was clearly doing very poorly, Mr Koh would always encourage me and told me he had confidence that I would do well. Mr Koh was an amazing tutor and did his best to answer all my questions clearly. He was never condescending and was always very patient with me. I felt exceptionally comfortable during tuition lessons as Mr Koh was both engaging and humorous. He would often assign me problems to solve at different points to keep my mind thinking and constantly review/reinforce important concepts.

As I attended more lessons, I became more confident and started to fully comprehend all the concepts and was able to apply them accordingly. Ultimately, I got my A grade for the A Levels and I would truly say that without Mr Koh, this grade would not have been possible! Mr Koh was truly an amazing tutor!"

Cheryl Ho, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC)