Mobile Math Apps Free Trial Versions (Android)

Presenting Android Applications developed by White Group Mathematics: A Level Mathematics Quick Tips Parts 1 And 2

(Alternatively, go to Google Play and type "A Level Maths Quick Tips Part 1" or "A Level Maths Quick Tips Part 2" in the search box)

Things to note:

1. An internet connection is required for a first installation on your Android phone.

2. If you receive any rejection message on your phone, go to Settings --> Application Setting; check the box for allowing installation of non-market applications.

3. Tips #4, #6 and #7 under the topic "Differential Equations" in A Level Mathematics Quick Tips Part 2 are not included within the current H2 Maths syllabus; they have however been presented in the app to cater to UK students taking the Further Pure version of the A Level examinations.

*The full version of Part 1 is now available HERE.

**The full version of Part 2 is now available HERE.