Read Before You Buy

For the student/teacher who wishes to acquire additional revision/learning materials apart from the tons of freebies already dished out, I have therefore set up this online shop solely dedicated to selling them (soft copies only).

Payment methods accepted are PayPal, major credit cards (including VISA and Mastercard) as well as various debit cards. Simply click on the "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" button located below your desired item of choice, and continue shopping. Once done, perform a check-out thereafter to confirm the purchase(s). Follow the instructions accordingly, the overall process is quick and secure. Upon receipt of payment, you will be automatically issued a download link. (You have a time limit of 24 hours and a maximum of 5 attempts to complete the download)

Note: Should you encounter any technical difficulties, feel free to contact me. However, once the transaction goes through successfully, I shall not entertain any requests for product exchanges or refunds.