A Note About STEP

As a decent amount of traffic from the UK visit my site (notably through search keywords related to STEP mathematics ) these days, it is only appropriate that I create this section to help my English friends. All solutions to problems posted here were personally penned by yours sincerely. Note that the original question texts are not reproduced in consideration of copyright matters, however you can always obtain copies of the actual examination papers HERE. Peace.

Note: Because of a lack of good, crisp worked solutions for the problems from the 1998-2003 papers, I have focused most of my energies on creating them.

More information about the STEP standard can be viewed here.


1. STEP Collection 1  (Level III)
2. STEP Collection 2  (Level III)
3. STEP Collection 3  (Level III)

(To purchase STEP Worked Problems Volume 1 which is a complete compilation of collections 1, 2 and 3, visit here. )