A Level H2 maths graduate tutor for your consideration

Stumped by your JC A Level H2 Maths lessons till today and at a complete loss as to how to tackle your upcoming examinations or block test?

Fret not. If you are reading this, some part of you still desires salvation . Having been a tutor for over two decades and counting, I have accumulated extensive experience and know-how when it comes to training students in handling H2 Maths competently; majority of them have gone on to score distinctions for the subject in the A Level examinations. I was previously from Hwa Chong Junior College (now known as HCI), a straight As student myself, an electrical engineering graduate from NUS and a former bank scholarship recipient. I'd like to offer assistance, especially to folks who require it badly yet feel tremendous trepidation insofar as sussing out the real McCoy is concerned (no thanks to too many gimmicks/claims aggressively marketed by ''guru'' teachers).

Do yourself a favor, shed that apprehensive state of mind. Take the initiative by coming forward and sharing with me your learning difficulties. If you demonstrate sincerity in truly wanting to turn things around, rest assured from this point onward, I would be most willing to take care of everything else. Peace.