If you require occasional assistance only in specific H1/H2 maths
topics and not constant guidance over a prolonged period, then
my consultation services would be able to cater to your needs.

Consultation is conducted on an ad hoc basis subjected to my
availability. Each session lasts for 2 hours and the student is
advised to make his/her request at least a week in advance
so that I can make the necessary scheduling arrangements. The
student can choose to consult with his own set of queries or
with my personally prepared topical question packages. For a
fruitful and effective session, it is recommended that students
seek help in core areas such as calculus, vectors, complex
numbers and statistics.

Such sessions are typically conducted at the student’s residence/
preferred location-those keen in group consultations however
would have to recruit their friends/acquaintances (the cost per
student in group consultations is generally lower than for
individual 1-1 consultations). Students who are interested,
feel free to drop me a line. Peace.