Testimonials 1

"Mr Koh’s teaching is patient and concise. When I started H2 Maths tuition with him after my mid-year exams in July, my Maths grade never exceeded that of a U. However, within four months, Mr Koh has been able to pull it up to an A for the promos. He is very detailed in teaching and was able to personalize the lesson to suit my style of learning. I was able to understand concepts much better and maths classes were no longer impossible to understand in school. The clear explanations for the typical Maths questions made them a breeze to solve. As for the unconventional questions, he used logical reasoning to explain the question instead of formulas, allowing me to understand the questions much better. He is also flexible with the tuition timings to accommodate a busy student. I am very grateful for his expert help in helping me achieve what I previously thought was impossible. I definitely would recommend Mr Koh if you are aiming for an A in your H2 Maths exams!"

Derrick Yeo, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC)

Roshan Singh, Catholic Junior College (CJC)

"Mr Koh has been meticulous in meeting needs with regards to a student's learning style. Being in a H2 Math tuition group with another friend, he has been able to dedicate himself to teaching us differently in the same sitting. He is aware of each of our strengths and weaknesses and consistently reminds us to work on our weaknesses. Having engaged him since the later part of J1, there was sufficient time to prepare for the A Levels. He has an excellent method of teaching as he allows the spoon-feeding of answers and methods initially to enable me to regain my confidence in Math. From a consistently under-performing student in J1, I started regaining my confidence with his tutelage and subsequently looked forward to Math lectures and tutorials. Being slightly ahead of the school's teaching pace allowed me to understand concepts much better as I could learn from Mr Koh's lessons and recap them in school. Tutorials proved to be a breeze as I enjoyed presenting my answers in class due to the confidence I had from the tuition classes he provided me with.

Flexible and creative, Mr Koh always tries to accommodate a busy JC student's schedule as best as possible and is even willing to put in late hours if the student doesn't mind. He remains contactable well into the night to provide assistance on all days should a problem proves too difficult to be solved by me. Having never been a student good in Math, I have engaged countless of Math tutors since Primary school and he has been one of the best private Math tutors of my education journey."

Jacinda Siew, Temasek Junior College (TJC)

"Mr Koh helped me pick up my Math from an E to a C for Prelims within a few lessons, and eventually to an A for the 'A' Levels. He is patient and consistent, and is very exam-focused. His effectiveness definitely helped to improve my H2 Math."

Olivia Low, St Andrew's Junior College (SAJC)

"When I first started tuition with Mr Koh in June, my grades were lurking dangerously between U and E. Needless to say, I was extremely worried as to the outcome of my H2 Math results. It seemed difficult and practically impossible for me to pull my grades up to something acceptable.

However, with Mr Koh’s guidance, I have managed to obtain a ‘B’ grade for the 'A’ levels. I am more than satisfied with this grade, as well as with Mr Koh’s teaching which is both detailed and personalized. He is always willing to cater to my learning style, and has always been patient in terms of my learning pace and busy schedule. I am grateful to him for helping me achieve a grade I have aimed for!"

Renee Tan, St Andrew's Junior College (SAJC)

"My grade attained for the promos was an E and has been hovering around there since. That was when I decided to take up H2 Maths tuition with Mr Koh. With only less than a year to prepare me for the A Levels, I thought it would be almost impossible for me to score a distinction. However, Mr Koh's teaching was very effective.

With years of experience as a H2 Maths tuition teacher, Mr Koh possesses the experience to concentrate on major topics usually tested for the A Levels and in-depth knowledge of the typical questions posed. He also dispenses valuable advice on how to obtain the most marks out of each question to attain that A grade. His teachings are detailed and very concise. Moreover, Mr Koh is easy to talk to and I usually have idle chats with him. Anyway, I highly recommend Mr Koh if you intend to get your A for H2 Maths."

Benjamin Lo, Raffles Institution (RI)

"I used to think that the method to solving Maths problems was merely using those formulas given. However, this method was not foolproof and Mr Koh made me realized that maths is more than just formulas. Instead, he showed me that problems could be solved using logical solutions, without employing such formulas all the time. This definitely increased my proficiency because such methods helped me to solve unconventional problems without difficulty. Mr Koh structured the lessons in a manner which catered to my individual learning needs. He is very clear and methodical in his teaching and lessons were always fruitful.I am grateful to Mr Koh for his immense help and great tutelage!"

Koh Yue Quan, Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)