Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I know if you travel to the student's place to give H2 Maths tuition?

A: Yes, that is my usual arrangement.

Q: Which parts of Singapore do you travel to teach?

A: Truth be told I used to scurry fanatically across the island; these days though I am based mainly in the east and central regions. Occasional exceptions can be made though on a case by case basis for those living in areas deemed extremely out of reach, but please bear in mind that a premium shall be imposed in lieu of transportation costs and excessive travelling time incurred.

Q: What if my place isn't too convenient to have lessons?

A: No worries, the lesson location can be further worked out. FYI, in the past, I have taught quite a few students in public settings; generally speaking, they managed to adjust to things and get down to business pretty quickly.

Q: Do you conduct group tuition?

A: Yes; however it is much appreciated if interested students form their own groups before approaching me.

Q: What about online H2 Maths tuition?

A: Kindly contact me regarding the availability of such classes.

Q: Do you teach other levels of Mathematics?

A: While my core area of expertise is H2 Maths, I have previously taught secondary school level Maths and also helped those from the polytechnics with their advanced Engineering Maths modules.

Q: What about other subjects?

A: No. Being properly proficient in one specific field beats being an amateur dipping his fingers into many pies.

Q: What is the lesson timetable like?

A: I understand most students have packed schooling schedules. so I try to reconcile my availability with the student's preferred lesson timings. (However, weekend slots are usually the most popular ones, so it would be wise to secure them early)

Q: How often are lessons conducted, and how long do they last?

A: For starters, lessons are conducted once a week-frequency of lessons however may be increased should the student's situation warrant such an augmentation.The typical lesson duration is 2 hours.

Q: Do you conduct trial lessons?

A: Yes I do. If you deem my method of teaching to be congruent with your style of learning, we can then plan for future engagements; otherwise I shall simply collect the fees for that single lesson and we will part ways thereafter.

Q: What are your rates like?

A: You can contact me for further details and discussion.

Q: I am unable to reach you at your mobile number.

A: My utmost apologies for that-you may have called me during instances when I was teaching. I will definitely revert once I am free; if yours is a private number, it is appreciated if you can drop me a SMS.

Q: Do I still need to fork out additional cash to buy items in your online maths store if I am under your tutelage?

A :No, you will have full access to all those stuff, plus lots more.

Q: I have other questions not featured here (or feedback/recommendations to provide), do you have a form which I can fill up and subsequently submit online?

A: Yes, definitely: CLICK HERE TO FILL UP A FORM

NOTE: This section will be expanded and updated accordingly whenever I receive relevant queries.