The only book you will ever need to become exceptionally competent in calculus

Thats right-this is the one magical red book that can certainly dispel all your fears and worries about differentiation, integration and their numerous mind boggling applications (if you dare to put your heart to truly dissecting its contents). I used it a long while ago when I was in junior college, and it also aided me in scoring my A+ in engineering maths later in NUS. I thereby introduce: Schaum's Outline of Calculus.

You students out there may be wondering-this is an American written text-how can it be relevant to the core H2 math syllabus? I can assure you that you will certainly be very surprised once you flip through the pages. Everything you need to know about calculus for H2 maths resides in that book-the explanation is concise, effective and terse, it cuts out all the long winded crap and goes right to the point. Better still, there are literally tons of practice questions (from beginner to advanced levels) that will drill you to the point of exhaustion you can practically solve anything calculus related with gleeful ease.

Before you start getting too excited, there are certain things you must be aware of before making this purchase:

1. This is a very comprehensive book that can see you through even for advanced levels of maths beyond the JC syllabus-therefore you will need to be very discerning and be able to filter out the additional non-relevant material (eg Green's theorem, Stoke's theorem, closed loop integration, double/triple integration etc)

2. This is a book that teaches you to teach yourself. Yes , earlier on I did mention that it is concise, effective and terse in explanations, but that said, like any other self instructional text, you will need to get used to its style and adapt to its presentation of lessons and questions.

3. You must possess extreme levels of self discipline, and I truly mean it. I finished every single question given within the text that was relevant to the topics taught in school (still have the mouldy workings tucked somewhere in the mouldy yellowish decaying book to show for it), and I have spent up to 7 hours on a single integration/volume question back then as a student, refusing to seek help or consult any teacher. Learn the hard way, and you will never forget it for life. Period. If you feel that you are easily contented by simply doing a quick browse of the guide and trying the beginner level questions just before your exam, its best you save your cash to buy something else instead.

For those of you who are not daunted by what I have just laid out, you most probably can get your copy at a Kinokuniya bookstore or through

Do note that while this book has worked for me and many of my students, it may or may not be suitable for you. Therefore, do a quick run through the pages; if you like what you see, go ahead and fork out the cash, if not, you can always try something else instead. Peace.

Greater details about the book are provided HERE.(Please note that the cover of the latest edition is decked out in white)