A 2 day preparation/summary course prior to A levels

Before I go into the details, I would like to emphasize:

1. This is a course for those who want a full, concise consolidation of the entire H2 maths syllabus reinforced with the clearing up of certain nagging doubts-students who have been diligent and consistently performing reasonably well in class ( generally scoring As and Bs, with minimal number of Cs) will benefit most as the pace of this course will be exceptionally swift and to the point-the main motivation will be exam question spotting and solving techniques.

2. For those who have been performing poorly, this course is not a "magic pill", and you will simply be wasting your time and money should you sign up for it.


Day 1 (6 hours with 20 min break):

-Full synopsis of H2 maths topics, with emphasis placed on the following-calculus, vectors, complex numbers and statistics; session will serve to clarify all doubts.

-A 37 page summary review with sample questions will be provided together with a separate collection of worksheets consisting of questions gleaned from past year and top JC exam preliminary examination papers on this day.

( The 37 page summary review broken into 3 parts is made available here for free downloading; the separate collection of worksheets shall only be given out during the course.)

Day 2( 6 hours with 20 min break):

-Exposure to tons of exam questions and exam techniques will be shared (including exam psychology and methods to shorten time to complete paper)

-A 112 question, 93 page personally prepared package (pdf format) with full detailed solutions will be distributed.

Special Note: Those interested in purchasing the above mentioned package separately without attending this course, you can visit here (check out Bundle A).

Course Rates: You can contact me for further details.

I normally travel to the student's residence, henceforth additional travelling costs may be incurred depending on the location I am required to shuttle to. With regards to the scheduling of the course and other related enquiries, feel free to drop me a line. Peace.