My teaching style

▶ I coach students in a tactically concise fashion sans the fluff and extraneous nice-to-know BS.

▶ Emphasis shall be placed first and foremost on the building of a robust mathematical foundation (practice makes perfect no doubt, then again it's all moot if understanding of key concepts/theories was strongly lacking right from the beginning).

▶ Curated H2 Maths revision materials from top JCs will be employed in tandem with supplementary quizzes crafted by yours sincerely to ensure students become well acquainted with assorted question trends (practically speaking, an examination is a game, nothing more).

▶ External techniques crucial to completing assessment papers efficiently will be imparted (these include mental arithmetic, mental graphing methodologies, regimented drilling in oft neglected secondary school topics such as trigonometry, binomial theorem, mensuration etc as well as cultivation of capacities for spontaneous error detection)